Greek Dancing

Youth of all ages are invited to be a part of our performance groups for the Greek Festival.  Children as young as 3 years old may dance with the "Zouzounia", 8-12 year olds may be part of the "Pedakia", and 13 and up dance with "Delta Dynamis".  We rehearse on Sundays after Sunday School and before Greek School, beginning in January of each year.  The elite troupe has additional rehearsals as arranged most conveniently for the dancers and instructor.
Adults, we would never leave you out!  There is a Greek dance for Fun and Fitness class every week all year long, that meets at 7 pm on Tuesday nights at the church.  Beginners will learn new dances each week, building on your repertoire.  Everyone is guaranteed a great workout and lots of fun. Have questions?  Find instructor Betsy Wickstrom on Facebook or email