Greek School of Greater Kansas City

A joint St. Dionysios and Annunciation community program


Modern Greek classes for everyone!



Greek School classes will start on Sunday, September 15, 2019. Registration will take place on the same day,September 15, 2019 starting from 12:00 pm at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church Social Hall. All Greek School students need to fill the Registration Form in attached to this announcement. You may also pre-register by completing the Greek School registration form in the next page and handing it in or mailing it ahead of time. 


Classes of different levels will be held once a week on Sundays starting at 1:15 pm and ending at 2:30 pm. We offer five levels of classes, as you can see in the registration form ([Click Here to Download]).  From September 15 to December 8, 2019, classes will be held at Annunciation Greek Orthodox church, followed by Christmas/New Year break. From January 12 to May 3, 2020, they will be held at St. Dionysios Greek Orthodox church. Everyone is welcome to attend!  The registration fee is only $30.00 per year for members of Annunciation or St. Dionysios churches and $50.00/yr for no-nmembers.  Cost of books is extra.



Note that the books for all Youth/Adult classes will be the same Papaloizos’ “Modern Greek” books as used in previous years. For Elementary classes, the books may be different than previous years.


Please make checks payable to Greek School of Greater Kansas City.  Thank you.



Information inquiries:

  For elementary school children questions call:

Angela Arvanitakis at 913-681-3173 or e-mail at

  For other Greek school questions call:

Marios Sophocleous at 785-842-3995 or e-mail at: